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On the Rocks


On the rocks isn't just a request for your bartender for that mood changing drink, but for your skin. With Rose Petals to calm redness + irritation, Black Hawaiian Sea Salt to flush out toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful substances; it also helps increase circulation, reduce fine lines AND blemishes. Your skin will drink all the nourishing benefits of this facial scrub + leave you with silky soft, smooth, hydrated skin.

Acne Sufferers rejoice!

Roses are loaded with beneficial skin properties like antibacterial, astringent, and are antioxidant rich for anti-aging. Also loaded with vitamin C to stimulate collagen and vitamin E to moisturize.

Salt scrubs are your best bet for acne.
On the Rocks is loaded with Dead Sea salt, Hawaiian Black Sea Salt, and epsom salt, all providing a DEEP cleanse for your pores while balancing oil protection and stopping acne and breakout causing bacterias.

made with oils from nuts


8oz BPA free container

cruelty free

tested by yours truly